Trutex Stay Smart®

Trutex Schoolwear

 Trutex are the UK's best known Schoolwear brand and have been supplying superior quality uniform to generations of pupils and parents, giving them greater choice, uniform durability and value. 

Trutex Stay Smart


Trutex Stay Smart®

Kids will be kids and never more so than in the school playground!

That's why Trutex invests in product innovation that helps uniform stay looking like new for longer. Look out for a range of features throughout products.

  • Non iron shirts & blouses - no need to iron making them easy to look after and saving parents time!
  • Strong, durable seams for uniform that lasts well into the school year
  • Stain resistant finishes throughout our range prevent stubborn stains from taking hold
  • Permanent creases in skirts & trousers reduce the need for ironing and keep school kids looking smart!

Parent Reviews


Mums Net Comments:

"It is a lot thicker than the cheaper brands, and it seems to wash up better as a result. The quality means you are buying once, not multiple times like I find I do when I buy cheaper! If you want uniform that will last the school year, Trutex is the one for you!" (Blogbybaby.com)

"There is no bobbling of the fabric despite having been worn almost daily and with constant washing! I’m thrilled with the quality and will definitely look at Trutex before anywhere else for her uniform." (Meandthekiddywinks.com)

"The quality is the BEST and the Garments are lasting longer definitely wash after wash. They look Bright as New. I have been using them for at least 5 weeks now and still not disappointed in anyways. It is highly recommended from Mummy and the Cuties." (mummyandthecuties.com)

Parent Blogger Comments:

"Trutex has a lovely range of school uniform. Little man’s white polo is made of soft cotton and very comfortable. The trousers look really smart and his red jumper is cosy and very comfortable. Once again, we are delighted with the quality of Trutex uniform, it is made with great quality material which is durable and retain its shape after washing." 

"I am thoroughly impressed with the quality of the products Trutex sent. The sweatshirt and polo shirt didn't shrink when washed or dried and the trousers were a great fit and also very durable which is something we all need when having young boys who slide along the floor on their knees a lot. A good quality uniform that will last." (adventuresofayorkshiremum.co.uk)

"The trousers are perfect – they washed really well too and are fast drying which in this weather is exactly what you need. I loved the sweatshirt mainly because after washing and drying it was the same size!!! No mater what temp. Next time you are shopping for your chidlren's school uniform do check out Trutex." trutex school uniforms trutex schoolwear


Here you can shop for your school specific uniform supplied by the UK`s leading Schoolwear specialist Trutex.

All items can be embroidered with your school or nursery logo .

Order your school specific uniform to collect in store or with free delivery ,

Plain School Uniform

Full Range of Plain Trutex School Uniform Available